Amazon Prime Video presents VOICES: An Entertainment Celebration for Native American Heritage Month, a one-day virtual event celebrating Native American History Month and highlight the many contributions to entertainment from the community, as well as Hollywood’s complicity in the ongoing erasure and whitewashing of indigenous stories.

The event included talks and panels and a musical performance by Mato Wayuhi, celebrating the heritage, diversity and beauty of Native American communities, and conversations that will dive deep into Native American representation in current stories and film and changing the narrative of indigenous culture in media.

Participants Include

  • Leah Salgado (Chief Impact Officer, IllumiNative)
  • Bird Runningwater (Executive Producer, Sovereign)
  • Mato Wayuhi (Artist, Producer)
  • Jenna Clause (Actress, The Wilds)
  • Raye Zaragoza (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Laura Clark (Deputy Editor, In The Know)